Monte Alentejano


Residential Lot  /  Lote Residencial  /  Wohngrundstück    –   or    Lounge 

30 x 20   –   90.620   –   4 Sims   –   2 bathes

Inspired on Portuguese farms from  Alentejo   ( a province of South Portugal)  

The reason for the many doors ist that earlier,  each farm was the home of more than one family, but not anymore.  The walls are allways whitewashed with lime.  Many of these „Montes“ are nowadays   hotels and  restaurants.   This one can also be turned into a lounge with rooms! lol 🙂 



10 Gedanken zu “Monte Alentejano

  1. Hi. 🙂
    I’m Portuguese and I’m actually pretty impressed with the work you did, since I was so reluctante on the house. I thought to myself „yeah right… a monte alentejano? Probably not done by a Portuguese person… That can’t be good“. So it was a really nice surprise 🙂
    The Monte alentejano is very close to reality, even your choice on furniture. Really, really good job. Thanks for the information on the Monte and Alentejo and thank you for sharing.

    Gefällt 2 Personen

    • TYVM Ana! Muito obrigada. Fiquei contentissima com o seu comentário. As you can see, I am Portuguese too and my blog is just randomly German because I lived already in Germany als I „met“ the Sims! until then I have been living in Alentejo and I visited some montes. Only too bad that couldn’t yet find white wallpapers with the tipical large blue, yellow or gray bar.

      Gefällt mir

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