Tiny Stone Cottages

This was my very first TS4 build:  a street with little cottages…

with a public garden…  you may think?

With a small pavillon where a bar and a romantic corner for weddings take place?

Well, it isn’t.  This is a residential lot for a big family  (I wanted to try a legacy…) where

the first cottage 

has a gym, downstairs and upstairs a bedroom for 3 sims ;

 the second cottage

downstairs a second bedroom for 3 sims and a bath upstairs

the third cottage 

the master bedroom, a bathroom and a wc;

the fourth cottage

a playroom with own garden for kids and grownups and finally ….

the fifth and tiniest cottage

has only a kitchen

You can see her how it’s look like


Lot/Grundstück/Lote:   40 x 30  –   243.011   –   8 sims    –   3  bathes

a large basegame residential lot  for a big family

Later I found that I rather play with smaller homes but I liked this lot very much so I made a public venue of it.

You may soon see what it looks like now,   my  „Country Club & More„, for I changed it with almost every EA update.


Este foi o primeiro lote que contrui com TS4.  Parece uma rua com pequenos cottages mas na realidade é uma casa residential para uma familia numerosa. Descobri depois que preferia jogar com lotes familiares mais pequenos mas como continuou a ser um dos meus lotes preferidos,  transformei-o num lugar publico:       o „Country Club & More„.  Brevemente poderá ver aqui como ele está agora, pois eu continuei a actualiza-lo com quase todos os updates da EA.

Dieses  Grundstück baute ich als Erster mit TS4.  Sieht aus wie eine Straße mit kleinen Cottages aber es ist einem Wohngrundstück für eine große Familie. Da ich lieber mit kleineren Wohngrundstück spiele, verwandelte  ich es einem Gemeinschafts-Grundstück:  der „Country Club & More“  Bald kam man hier sehen wie es jetzt aussieht denn ich habe es mit fast jeden EA Update aktualisiert.





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