Nick’s Helpers Home

With SimCookie’s  „TS4 First Snow Mod“

No CC 

First Floor: Hostel

Groundfloor: Kitchen & Living Room

Basement:  Nick’s Carpentry Studio


A residential lot for 8 sims, but  I made it for Granite Falls, for rent.  A wonderful vacation for all the sims that dreamed about helping Nick`Laus and always wanted to know where the garden gnomes and nutcrackers come from and of course, the wonderful candles’s painting!  🙂  Merry Christmas, or schould I say:  Merry Simsas? 

The lot was inspired on TS3  „Merry Simsas House„.


I tryed hard to decorate with the same colours (red, white and green which are my favourite Christmas colours) but it was very hard.  I still find my old house much prettier inside. However, building the house and roofing it was tones easier.  



My sims loved the basement and so I thought I made it bigger than in the first version, in the Galerie.  If you already have the first version or you only need the basement, here is it: 



Download Nick’s Carpentry Studio 


Merry Christmas, or

schould I say:  Merry Simsas?



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